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Natalie brings 25 years of experience to your audience and loves to engage and inspire.

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Natalie shares insights from her research and case studies from her practice in a way that resonates with audiences from all industries and gives meaningful take-aways for lasting impact.

“Natalie’s keynote at our national conference was a highlight! A nice surprise and a huge hit! She was charismatic, interactive and entertaining and informative all at the same time.” Jean-Marc Picard General Manager - Canadian Transportation Equipment Association (CTEA)

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Signed copies of Natalie's book: The Power of Trust: How Top Companies Build, Manage, and Protect It.

Voucher for Online Course: Becoming A Trusted Advisor

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Helping Your Team Build

Relationships of Trust

The Trusted Advisor Certification Program

Give your team the tools to succeed. Technical experts love solving problems, but often lack the soft skills to interact effectively with clients, leaving them frustrated.

After completing Trusted Advisor Certification, your technical staff will feel engaged and equipped to delight your customers, which increases repeat sales and decreases employee turnover.

  • Engaged Employees

  • Delighted Clients

  • More Revenue

Available in 2 formats:

The Group Program - Delivered quarterly (Sept, Nov, Jan, April)

The Corporate Program - Tailored to fit your company's schedule. Minimum of 8 participants required.

Custom Workshops & Programs

Have us facilitate your next inhouse training session. We can present in person at your meeting, or across the country by Zoom.

  • Customized to align with your industry

  • Tailored to fit your schedule

  • Available as a stand alone workshop or integrated into a long term program

The Client Trust Index

Companies regularly tracking and utilizing customer analytics and data report 186% more sales growth than their competitors.

Utilizing customer experience data can help you find a root of a problem and fix it to help grow your business. Strategic insight and understanding will help you take a proactive approach to building loyalty and growing your business.

  • Reliable measurement instrument

  • For maximum impact

  • Provides in-depth, actionable insight

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We help businesses grow by training technical teams to build relationships of trust with clients.

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